Hip Arthroscopy Video

Labral Tear of the Hip (Acetabular Labrum Tear)

Post Op

Most hip arthroscopies are performed as an overnight procedure.
The following are guidelines to assist with your post-operative care until you see Dr Walker.


This will generally be removed the morning after surgery.


The dressings are covering up the wounds. Generally they are clear plastic, called opsites. These usually require
changing the day after surgery and are then left until Dr Walker sees you post-operatively.

Leave these on unless they are peeling off which they do sometimes. These seem to stick to some people’s skin better
than others. If they are peeling off and you need to replace them, do so as cleanly as possible i.e. use some sort of

Under the dressing there are generally white strips called steri-strips. Try to keep these on. However, again, if they are peeling off you can replace them.

If the wound is actively bleeding, you should see your GP or go back to the hospital to change. This is rare.


You may get the dressing wet in the shower. Do not swim or bath until your review with Dr Walker.


Crutches are generally used for comfort. You can fully weight-bear with the crutches unless Dr Walker specifies
otherwise. They are generally used for between 2 and 10 days.


A physiotherapist will generally show you some simple exercises to do. Formal physio can start after you see Dr
Walker post-operatively.

If your physio does not have any formal protocol, please see attached protocol from Sydney Sports Medicine Centre.
Try and avoid flexion of the hip beyond 90 degrees if you have had a labral repair.

Swelling and ice:

Swelling and some bruising is normal. ICING IS IMPORTANT. Ice for roughly 15 minutes every 2 hours until the
swelling reduces. Icing varies from a bag of peas to fancy expensive ice machines. Do not ice directly onto the skin as you can get an ice burn.


Pain is to be expected. The anaesthetist will give you analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories. Take these as required.
Remember with opioid drugs, you cannot drive or operate machinery, so try and wean off these.


If your temperature rises over 38.5 degrees or if you are unwell (i.e. with rigors or shaking) contact Dr Walker or go to an emergency department.
If your wound becomes red please contact Dr Walker.

Follow Up:

Your check-up is usually 7-14 days after the surgery. Generally this appointment will be emailed to you. If for some
reason you don’t hear from us please contact Dr Walker’s rooms.

Further Reading

Hip Arthroscopy – Physio Protocol

Contact the Surgery if:
  • You have a temperature of over 38.5 degrees.
  • You start to feel increasingly unwell.
  • The wound and surrounding area becomes red.

02 9735 3637

After hours

Please contact the hospital where you had your surgery, see your GP or go to the closest accident and emergency department at your closest hospital.